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PerfectShot is a marked enhancement on the native Android camera and offers enough bells and whistles to turn the head of the more advanced Android photographer.
Rated 4.6 outof 5 by AndroidTapp http://www.androidtapp.com/perfectshot/

Separate focus and exposure locks. I’m in total love. Enough said.
★★★★★ Michael Reiser

Replaced my default camera app I am absolutely thrilled! Thanks for the great app!
★★★★★ Dirk Niekamp

Excellent AE/AF implementation This is the only app that has let me expose for one area whilst focusing on another.
★★★★★ Jose Arce

PerfectShot is a camera application that focus on features that help you improve your photos BEFORE they are taken rather than after. By making use of features provided by the latest development of Android API and hardware, PerfectShot helps you eliminate chances of imperfect shots and improve efficiency of the controls so you can take better images and be ready sonner when the precious moment comes.

The main features are:

★ Smart AF system not only makes sure every picture is in focus but also not gets in the way when you need fast response to capture a precious moment.

★ Gyroscope supported vibration detection mode eliminates the possibilities of blurry hand shake photos.

★ Video recording with instant parameter update. This means you can manipulate all parameters of the camera while the video recording is in progress! Zoom, exposure compensation, white balance, color effects are all changeable while recording video.

★ Allow you to select AF & AE metering area, separately!
We are certain all shutterbugs know the significance of “separately” here, it means you can focus on one thing but measure exposure on another, thus gives you great flexibility on how you present the subject in your photo. Traditionally this is done through AE lock on DSLRs, but please come and experience what this should be done on a smart phone!
Please note that this is not supported by all devices. Most modern high-end devices we tested are working fine (eg. Nexus series, HTC, LG…) but Samsung Galaxy series and a few models from other manufacturers do not support setting AE metering area, therefore cannot use this feature.

★ AF & AE area selections are assisted by AR technology that can lock the area selection on the screen with the object it is attached to. Normally after you move the camera to adjust the composition, you need to select focus and metering area again, but with PerfectShot you don’t need to, all area selections will stay with the object while you move to recompose.

★ Virtual horizon guide lines with pitch angle display. With help of gyroscope, the virtual horizon in PerfectShot is fast & accurate. Its smoothness is 1000 times better than the ones that use accelerometer done on other apps.

★ Extreme optimisation on the code brings tiny APK size as well as tiny memory footprint. This allow PerfectShot to launch fast. Some users even report it launches faster than the system camera app.

★ Custom UI allow you to complete most operations in a single touch. It allow you to change camera parameters swiftly and accurately.

★ Compatible with system camera intent. You can use PerfectShot to take pictures for other app, and on ICS system you can launch PerfectShot from lock screen.

* Before 7/31, the app is completely free and unlimited. After that, you will still be able to use the app for free and take up to 10 images per day.
If you really love the app and want to use it more, there is an in-app purchase option for you to remove the daily limit if you prefer to keep your settings of the app, you may also choose to purchase paid version which has no restriction at all.

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