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Surveyor 2.0 released

By ideamatters - Posted on 19 July 2010

We just released Surveyor 2.0 to Android Market.

This version has a lot of improvements, the major ones are:

* Redesigned UI. Measurement result has been put on the bottom of the screen. Camera height adjustment has been modified to a slide bar on the left side, and two more buttons have been added.
* New feature: save measurement result as an image.
By pressing the camera button beside the measurement result, the current measurement and what you see on the screen will be saved to sdcard as an image. So you can check your measurements later or send it to someone else.
* A new noise filter for sensor values is used to smoothen the movements of the phone and it also provides faster response when you quickly turn your phone to another direction.
* Improvements on the 3D display for clearer view on the scene.
* And many bug fixes such as force close error when the camera service is not available.

The new version can be found in the Android Market, just search for "surveyor" and you can download it for free.