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Recent updates and new features of Surveyor

By ideamatters - Posted on 15 December 2010

Last saturday I released version 2.3.1 and yesterday the iPhone version passed the review of Apple and is now available in the AppStore.

A few new features has been introduced in both versions.
These updates are focused on camera height parameter which lots of people are confused of.

* You can now use a known distance to calculate height parameter reversely.
For example you know the wheelbase of your car, then you can use Surveyor to mark the distance of the two wheels of your car and input your wheelbase. Then you have the accurate height parameter automatically set for you to measure other objects.
* You can also use a piece of A4 paper to set the height parameter.
To do this first place an A4 paper on the floor, launch Surveyor and face your phone down. You can see a box labeled 'A4 paper' in the center of the screen. Now adjust the height parameter until the box and the real paper match each other, the you have the accurate height parameter set.

I hope these new features can eliminate the difficulty of setting the height correctly and provide you a better result when you use Surveyor.