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MemoDroid - A memory training tool on Android platform

By ideamatters - Posted on 27 October 2009

MemoDroid is my recent work on Android platform.

It is a tool that can help you memorizing things, including words, idioms, laws, learning materials... anything that you don't want to forget. And it enables you to utilize piecemeal time for this task.

The theory is simple. We know that we need to repeat memorized things every time and often, and the newer the item is, the more often we need to repeat it. What MemoDroid does here is to take over the repetition process and help you manage the item's repeat period.

Internally, items that needs to be memorized are organized into questions and answers in the MemoDroid database along with its unique repeat period which indicates how often will this item be picked out for repeat by the application.

When MemoDroid runs, it will automatically pick out the items that need to be repeated today based on the item's last repetition date, period and current time. After user finishes repeating items for the day, the period for every item will be modified based on the user's performance of memorizing them. As a result, in the long run, items that are familiar to the user will have longer period while unfamiliar ones have much shorter ones. Which in turn forces user to repeat unfamiliar items more often than already memorized ones. Hence the efficiency of user's repetition can be increased dramatically.

This idea is not new, many applications have implemented this method on multiple platforms including PC and Windows Mobile. The most successful one could be SuperMemo. I myself have been a long time SuperMemo user when I use my previous Windows Mobile smartphone. However when I decided to switch to Android platform a few weeks ago, I soon realized that a similar application can't be found on that platform. So I decided to make the tool myself, therefore MemoDroid is born.

You can find it on Android Market by searching MemoDroid. It's free. If you like it, please don't forget to rate it. I'm looking forward to my first android application's outcome.