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PerfectShot release notes

* Workaround for flash issue during autofocus
* Optimisation & bug fixes.

* Switch back & front cameras
* ISO adjustments on supported devices

* Increase exposure area sensitivity for some devices
* Add option to disable geotagging
* Fixed grey bar issue on I747
* Other minor bug fixes

Major update!
* Added geotagging
* Added scene mode selection
* Re-organised button layout
* Fixed color effect unable to restore default mode issue

EXIF fix for nexus 4
Setting screen layout fix for pre-honeycomb devices

PerfectShot flash & autofocus workaround explanation

On some devices, when the flash mode is set to auto or on, the camera uses flash to assist auto focus under low light situation.

This behaviour is acceptable in traditional camera apps that focus only once before taking a picture. However it become quite annoying in PerfectShot because PerfectShot automatically re-focus the scene after any movements that changes the composition. And that means if you have flash mode set to auto or on, the flash constantly fires because the camera is constantly doing auto-focus.

PerfectShot had 1.1 update

Version 1.1 of PerfectShot now has a setting screen for the user to change their preferences.
It also has an improved online help feature.

Released new app: PerfectShot

PerfectShot is the app I've been working on for 6 months, and part of the reason I wasn't able to update this website frequently.

It's the most sophisticated app I developed and the most ambitious one so far. Please make sure to head to its introduction and watch the video demonstration!

Updates for latest apps

Added pages for CameraInfo & FaceRange.

Check them out from the title menu.

TV Planner, a smarter TV guide app

TV Planner is an EPG app. But unlike any other ordinary TV Guide app that shows only a big timetable and does it no better than your local newspaper, TV Planner aggregate and analyse the program data and provides you different ways to browse your favourite shows.

Surveyor 2.5.1 now takes advantage of gyroscope, provides a much smoother AR experience

New update of Surveyor give it ability to leverage gyroscope and sensor fusion built in the device to provide much better AR result than accelerometer and magnetic field sensor. Be sure to grab update 2.5.1 from Android Market and see how awesome your device can do with Surveyor.

Most Android phones released this year have gyroscope built in. And more importantly a new facility called 'sensor fusion' is introduced to most Android devices. It combine the readings of all sensors available on the device and calculate an almost perfect result for applications to use.

Recent updates and new features of Surveyor

Last saturday I released version 2.3.1 and yesterday the iPhone version passed the review of Apple and is now available in the AppStore.

A few new features has been introduced in both versions.
These updates are focused on camera height parameter which lots of people are confused of.

* You can now use a known distance to calculate height parameter reversely.

iPhone version of Surveyor is now available in AppStore!

The name of the iPhone app is 'GyroSurveyor'. You can download it for free in AppStore.
The reason I use the name 'GyroSurveyor' is because that this iphone version uses gyroscope and the name 'Surveyor' is already taken by another app.

I have to say that gyroscope is really awesome. It's much more sensitive and accurate than magnetic sensors that work in Android devices. I can't wait for Nexus S and see how gyroscope performs on Android.

Surveyor 2.0.2 and GeoRecorder 1.3.2 released

These 2 updates are maintenance updates. They both include a new about dialog with an update log and some minor fixes.
And I also optimized the compiled code so the download size is smaller.